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Online Renunciation Information Session with John Richardson – 9 Jan 2017

Presented by: John Richardson is a Toronto citizenship lawyer, the co-chairman of The Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty as well as the Alliance for the Defeat of Citizenship Taxation. He is a member of the ACA Taxation Advisory Panel. He holds the degrees of B.A., LL.B., and J.D. He is a member of the Massachusetts, New York and Ontario bars. His law practice focuses on “Solving the problems of U.S. citizenship” including relinquishing and the “Exit Tax”. He gives programs for expats all across Canada and Europe. He writes extensively at

When: Monday 9 January 2017, 10AM AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne); 9AM AEST (Brisbane); 9:30AM ACDT (Adelaide); 7AM AWST (Perth); UTC: Sunday 8 January 11pm. Convert to your time zone. One hour.

What’s this about? Since Australia agreed to the FATCA IGA in 2014, Australian financial institutions have been asking ALL new account holders and some existing account holders whether they are U.S. citizens. Many have no idea of the consequences of admitting to U.S. citizenship, a U.S. place of birth or being born to U.S. parents. In this one hour session, John Richardson will address the following topics:

  • Who is a U.S. citizen?
    • What about those born in Australia who a) were registered with the consulate and have U.S. passports, but never lived in the U.S.; b) were NOT registered with the consulate and do NOT have U.S. passports.
  • Look before you leap!! The pitfalls of entering the U.S. tax system – a brief overview of what it really means to be “U.S. tax compliant” in Australia
    • Can the U.S. really tax my super?
    • The ATO says tax treaties “eliminate double taxation,” so why can the U.S. tax my Australian income?
  • How do I relinquish/renounce U.S. citizenship?
    • Is a CLN necessary? How can I document loss of citizenship without a CLN?
    • How is relinquishment different from renunciation?
    • Didn’t I lose U.S. citizenship when I became an Australian citizen?
  • There’s an EXIT TAX???
    • How renouncing U.S. citizenship may put your superannuation (and other savings) at risk.
    • How to renounce and exit the U.S. tax system cleanly and avoid being a “covered expatriate”.
  • I have just learned about the FATCA problem! The difference between “responding” and “reacting” – things you should NOT do!
  • I thought I lived in Australia! Why do I have to follow U.S. law when I live in Australia?
    • What can the U.S. do if I’m non-compliant?
    • If my bank has identified me as a U.S. Person, can I satisfy the bank without entering the U.S. tax system?

This session will be held online. If you are interested, leave your email address here and in early January we will send you instructions on how to join the information session.


UPDATE: February 2017 – John has posted the superannuation slides from this information session on his website.

US Taxation of the Australian Superannuation? – No, #DontMessWithTheSuper!

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