Focus Groups


We will be running a series of focus groups to elicit from you, the 1100+ members of our Facebook group, what issues are most important to you, and, most importantly, your ideas for constructive action.  It is our intent to take your input and develop an advocacy campaign plan that can be pursued over the near to medium term.

All focus groups will be held via Zoom.  We’ve spread the times around so that there are times that work across all the time zones our members live in – from Perth to New York.  Each session should last about an hour and will be limited to ten members to ensure it is workable.  Additional sessions can be added, if required.  To attend, you will need to register in advance, which will require you to provide a valid email address.

Focus Group Agenda:

  • What are the key pain points? What aspects of US/Australian tax and compliance are causing the greatest problems?
  • How would you fix the problem? What changes need to be made to the current rules?
  • What changes are feasible? Who has the power to make change and how should we approach them?
  • How do we translate this into an action plan?

Many hands makes light work – We need your help brainstorming where to focus our efforts and how to affect positive change.

Focus group dates (all AEST):

To register click on one of the links below:

  • Wed 2 Sept 9am (7am in Perth; Tues 7pm in New York/4pm in San Francisco)
  • Wed 2 Sept 3pm (1pm in Perth/1am in New York; Tues in 10pm San Francisco)
  • Thu 3 Sept 11am (9am in Perth; Tues 9pm in New York/6pm in San Francisco)
  • Thu 3 Sept 7pm (5pm in Perth/5am in New York)


While your thoughts about your own experiences will be important, you might want to be familiar with our prior efforts at strategy development and some of the main tax issues that people face due to US extra-territorial taxation and the inadequacy of the tax treaty. See the following resources: