Welcome to our group Fix the Australia/US Tax Treaty! and we thank you for joining us.

The mission of Let’s Fix the Australia/US Tax Treaty! is to press for amendments to the Australia/US Tax Treaty and the FATCA IGA to eliminate discrimination against a subclass of Australian citizens that is also disadvantageous to all Australians. We plan to gather the voices of those impacted, including Australian-only family members, and highlight the obligation of the Australian Government to defend its sovereignty and protect Australians against US extraterritorial law.

Our group moderators are Karen Alpert, Carl Greenstreet and Caroline Day. We are working behind the scenes on the strategy and direction of the group and invite participation and feedback.

More information and resources are available here on our website. On the full site, you’ll find drop-down menus at the top right of each page. On a mobile device, there’s a menu button at the top. Please explore!

We ask that you please adhere to the following rules in our Facebook group:

  • Please keep your posts on topic. Posts should be specific to gaps in the Australia/US tax treaty or issues unique to Australia
  • This is not an appropriate venue for discussing US politics.
  • Please be civil – challenge arguments, not people.
  • No advertising of any kind.

The rules on the website are similar – you can find them here.

Once again, we thank you for joining our group and we encourage you to share your story (either here or in the Facebook group) and to actively help us in our mission to Fix the Australia/US Tax Treaty!