Aussie’s Story

I joined the US military in 2009. My wife and I were struggling with bills. After immigrating from Australia, the military seemed the closest thing to universal healthcare.  During basic training, I was approached by USCIS who said they would help obtain US citizenship. I was never told about world wide taxation. They only asked me if I would fight for America. I told them I would. I have lived up to this promise. I have been active duty Army for over 8 years now. I Have deployed to Afghanistan as a combat medic in 2012- 2013. The deployment was one where I saw people die. The sound of gun fire was almost boring after a while. The Taliban shooting at us became a daily occurrence. I love America, and this is the reason I decided to fight for her.  America started to feel like home for me.  When I got back from Afghanistan, I felt very lucky. Some of my friends never came home with their hearts beating. I came home to a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately this boy has type one diabetes.  Tricare will cover the cost of his insulin right now as he is only 7. However, I need something long term. Insulin in America is about $238 a vial. In Australia its only a few dollars. This is the reason I have decided to return home to Australia with my family. The universal healthcare there is most beneficial to my son. Especially when he is older and will not have to worry about the cost of insurance like he would in America.

Unfortunately America is the only country to tax you on citizenship.  And the US tax code does not recognize Australia’s retirement accounts. Therefore I will not be able to save for retirement.  America ask its citizens to pay tax to the country even when people do not live in  America. The  very reason America got away from England. America does this to its own citizens worldwide. Citizenship taxation is the ultimate taxation without representation. The complex tax codes and the fact I will be double taxed has left me no choice at all but to renounce US citizenship. To even say those words hurts me, I love America, I would die for America. I feel so stabbed in the back that America would do this to me. After going  to war for her, a military member that protects the country as it sleeps. My wife and American born children will also have no choice but to renounce citizenship to the US too. They are as much apart of the military as I am. They have been with me through the times away from home, when their dad has been out.  My wife has worried about me several times over the years.

Americans need to be educated on this matter. Citizenship taxation is wrong and hurts Americas own citizens. The cost of international accountants is an added expense citizens abroad have to face that we just can’t afford. It is unfair that the government uses US citizens world wide as pawns. In America the government would require a warrant to look at my finances. Abroad they use bullying and extortion tactics. They threaten banks to give up US citizen info or they will withhold money. The whole innocent until proven guilty only applies in the US.

I have no choice to finish my time as active duty military and go home and renounce my citizenship. I love America. It really hurts me to say that.