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5 Dec 2017The Long Arm of the United States Set to Reach into Australia's Pocket Again
11 Feb 2018FATCA: Expensive yet Ineffective

Media Coverage of Let’s Fix the Australia/US Tax Treaty!


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  1. 13 IRS Tax Rules Trump Tax Plan Won’t Change

    4. Beware foreign accounts. Foreign bank accounts may generate income, but you won’t receive a Form 1099. Still, reporting them is key. If balances exceed $10,000 in the aggregate any time during the year, you also must file an FBAR. With FATCA, IRS scrutiny is high, and how you transition from failures to report in the past to present compliance can be delicate. Beware, so far, the IRS has collected $10 billion from offshore compliance.

  2. Neils Marquardt, CEO of AmCham Australia and former US Consul General at Sydney, was interviewed on Sky News on 20 November. While most of the segment was about the effects of the new administration on business relations between Australia and the US, he did mention that the US tax on non-resident citizens should be repealed.

  3. Today I called Alan Colmes on Fox Radio just prior to noon in Qld.

    I told him our situation regarding CBT and how our children would also bear CBT.
    I also informed him re FBAR reporting.
    He was NOT aware of our situation and sounded sympathetic.
    If we get on the US airwaves maybe we can get this out.
    I used the android app for fox radio
    and Hangouts
    and Hangouts Dialer to call US telephone numbers

    Go for i

  4. Seeing Federal rep early next week 1 page dot points welcome. Maybe put here and or related facebook page for all to use on your visit

  5. Talkback Radio
    Call a talkback radio station to talk about RBT
    You will only have a minute or two on air at most, so prepare your message beforehand – two or three key points is fine – and focus on these issues. Remember you have a limited amount of time, so stay on topic and ensure you make your point.
    Be factual. Avoid exaggeration and don’t make things up – always have your facts straight.
    If you hear people on air talking about issues around RBT, use this as an opportunity to call or text.
    Use a landline if possible rather than a mobile phone and turn off your radio when you call.
    Speak slowly and clearly. Remember to breathe!
    If you are not comfortable talking on air, consider sending a text message instead.
    Some radio stations you may like to contact are:
    ABC 774
    Melbourne Talkback: 1300 222 774
    SMS: 0437 774 774
    Twitter: @774Melbourne
    3AW 693
    Melbourne Talkback: 03 96 900 693
    Outside Melbourne: 13 13 32
    Twitter: @3AW693

    New South Wales
    ABC 702
    Sydney Talkback: 1300 222 702
    SMS: 0467 922 702
    Twitter: @702sydney
    2GB 873
    Sydney Talkback: 131 873 (In NSW)
    Twitter: @2GB873

    ABC 612
    Brisbane Talkback: 1300 222 612
    SMS: 0467 922 612
    Twitter: @612brisbane
    Brisbane 4BC 1116
    Brisbane Talkback: 13 13 32 (in QLD)
    Twitter: @NewsTalk4BC
    4BC website:

    South Australia
    ABC 891
    Adelaide Talkback: 1300 222 891
    SMS: 0467 922 891
    Twitter: @891Adelaide
    Website: Adelaide 5AA 1395
    Adelaide Talkback: 8223 0000 (in SA)
    Twitter: @1395fiveaa
    Western Australia Tasmania
    ABC 720
    Perth Talkback: 1300 222 720
    SMS: 0437 922 720
    Twitter: @720Perth
    Website: ABC 936
    Hobart Talkback: 1300 222 936
    SMS: 0438 922 936
    Twitter: @936hobart

    Northern Territory Australian Capital Territory
    ABC 105.7
    Darwin Talkback: 1300 057 222
    SMS: 0487 991 057
    Twitter: @1057darwin
    ABC 666
    Canberra Talkback: 1300 681 666
    SMS: 0467 922 666
    Twitter: @666Canberra
    National Regional
    ABC Radio National Talkback: 1300 22 55 76 (local call cost nationally)
    SMS: 0418 226 576
    Twitter: @RadioNational, @RNBreakfast, @RNDrive
    Website: You can find the contact details for your local regional ABC radio stations here:

    Key facts about RBT ??


    The Facts on U.S. FATCA Seminars – Syd, Mel & Bris
    Wednesday 7 December 2016
    The Facts on U.S. FATCA Seminars

    How will individuals and entities in Australia be impacted by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)?

    This event will bring together experts from PwC’s Corporate Tax and Global Mobility teams. The interactive presentation will give you the latest updates and practical insights into what the latest developments in global tax information reporting mean for you.

    Melbourne Event – 23 Feb
    Brisbane Event – 21 Feb Sydney Event – 24 Feb
    8.00 am – 10.00 am
    Citadines on Bourke


    7.30 am – 9.30 am
    Capri by Fraser


    7.30 am – 9.30 am
    Primus Hotel Sydney


  7. Thanks for your time this week.

    It was great meeting with you to discuss the US-Australia Tax Treaty and the need to remove double taxation on US citizens. As you said the purpose of the treaty is to eliminate double taxation—so it’s an issue that definitely warrants attention.

    I’ve shared your concerns with the Treasurer and asked him for a formal written response. I will forward to you the Treasurer’s response as soon as I’ve received it.

    I will also be speaking personally to Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer to ask about any possible change to taxation arrangements re: tax on superannuation for US citizens.

    Of course I’ll also continue to update you on any developments I hear on the US-Australia Tax Treaty.

    Thanks again for your passion and commitment on this important issue and for working so hard to help your fellow US citizens.

    Yours sincerely

    t. 07 3893 3488
    FB: /rossvastamp
    Insti: /rossvastamp

    VastaR-EmailSignature (2)

    P.S. – Don’t forget to visit my website or like my Facebook page to keep up-to-date with Federal matters and community events in Bonner.

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