Plan to Succeed (Part II) – Strategy Roadmap & Action Plan

Clearly articulating our group’s vision, objectives and action plans is essential if we are to be effective in achieving our aims. Many of you will recall that the Steering Committee members (Karen Alpert, Caroline Day and myself) have long been working on a Strategy Roadmap document, as previous discussed in a number of blog posts:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A good advocacy plan will help our group decide where to spend time and effort to achieve our goals and assist us to be as effective as possible with our limited resources.  The plan will be a key reference document that is periodically updated as we progress towards achieving our goals.

I’m pleased to announce that we have completed a final draft of our Strategy Roadmap.  You can view it here.

The Roadmap documents our group’s vision (our goal), strategy (what are we trying to accomplish) as well as tactics (how will we accomplish it).  Importantly, this version now includes an Action Plan with targets, which we intend use as a scorecard to measure ourselves against.

Once again, we would like to solicit your feedback and comments on this document.  You can make comments here, on the Facebook group, or by completing the feedback form on the About page.

I anticipate that we may get a number of suggestions on tactics or activities we can undertake.  Clearly, we need to prioritise  as our capacity to take action as a group depends on your involvement and engagement.   Our group has been steadily growing in size; please consider taking a more active role.  For those of you looking to influence group direction, a good place to start is to volunteer to join the Steering Committee.

One thought on “Plan to Succeed (Part II) – Strategy Roadmap & Action Plan”

  1. Thanks very much to the Steering Committee members Karen Alpert, Caroline Day and Carl Greenstreet for advancing the strategy roadmap & action plan. Well done.

    This is the first time I have heard of Dr. Karen Alpert referred to as Chairperson. I feel the more FTT presents and acts like a well organised entity the better the response will be and increased odds of success. I imagine communication from the Chairperson from may get a different and improved response than from an individual citizen.

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